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jose pardon killed by hit and run driver

Jose Padron Killed by Hit-and-Run Suspect

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Police are searching for a silver car connected to the hit-and-run death Paradise Hills that left Jose Padron dead on Thursday morning.

Jose Padron was killed around 7:30 a.m by the hit-and-run suspect on Albemarle Street and Seabreeze Drive in Paradise Hills according to San Diego Police.

The suspect is believed to be driving a 2004 silver 4-door Lexus ES 330 with black tinted windows.  The vehicle was traveling on the west side of the road when it struck two parked cars and then struck Jose Padron, the victim.

The San Diego Police said the vehicle’s left front driver’s side and windshield should be damaged.

The victim’s family spoke to the media and provided the photo of 49-year-old Jose Padron.  Padron’s brother said Jose Padron walked out of his house to his car to get an umbrella and was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Jose was standing in the street when the silver Lexus hit him. Witnesses said he was dragged 30-40 feet on top of the car’s windshield before he slid off down the road.

Neighborhood cameras caught the vehicle just after the hit-and-run accident occurred. The suspect’s vehicle then continued on Albemarle Street for a few feet, pulled over for a short time, and then drove away at a high speed.

Once the suspect is caught and arrested, they will be charged with Felony hit-and-run resulting in injury or death VC 20001(b) (2), according to the San Diego County bail bond schedule.

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They will then be taken to the San Diego Central Jail where they will go through the booking process.  His bail bond will be set at $100,000 according to the bail bond schedule.  However, he will most likely post a San Diego bail bond and his arraignment will be one week after he’s let out of the San Diego jail.

We at Christian bail bonds are very saddened by this tragic hit-and-run accident and the loose associated with it.  We are hoping a praying that Jose Padron was a Christian who believed in the Bible and other aspects of the Christian faith.

Our Christian prayers are being said for the Padron family and the large amount of grief that they’re going through.

San Diego Police are asking for everyone’s help in identifying the suspect.

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