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best bail bonds in san diegoChristian Bail Bonds is sorry your loved one got arrested.

We are the best bail bonds in San Diego. We don’t wish the arrest process on anyone. We also know that many secular bail bondsman are rude, short and filled with pressure. You need the presence of God to help you out of this situation.

You need another Christian to pray and Bless You

5-Star Service

The San Diego Bail Bond industry has a bad reputation. Not only are the Jails dirty but the bail bondsman offer bad service.

Christian Bail Bonds gives you the best bail bonds in San Diego. We respect and give you the privacy you need. We will help and explain the entire bail bond process. We give the best bail bond service around.  Other bail agents don’t care about service or taking the time to explain the san diego bail bond process to you.  Most of the bail agents are in it for themselves. The don’t care about the San Diego Jail

24 Hour Help

We are the best bail bonds in San Diego. We are Open 24/7 365 Days a Year. Call us for Free Arrest Information.

We accept all types of Payments and can even do payment plans.
Christian Bail Bonds by Fax, Email, or Telephone Call 800-539-6143
San Diego District Attorney

Great Bail Prices

We are very competitive. Don’t fall for the bait & switch tricks by bail bondsman. (Zero Down or Get Out Quick)

We take all credits cards, cash and checks and will do some bail bonds at 6%

Christian Bail Bonds has the Best Service

We’re Christians and won’t mislead you. We are the best bail bonds in San Diego.

We have many testimonials since 2007 of satisfied defendants. We not only offer a bail service, but we connect you with many social agencies that can help.

We have many connections in the San Diego & Orange County Rehab Network.


We know exactly how the San Diego bail bonds process works. We post the bail as soon as possible and have been posting bail bonds since 2007.

It’s important to find an honest bail bondsman in San Diego.

Call us with any questions.
701 B Street #370 San Diego, CA 92101


“Chaplain Steve was instrumental in helping out our family. We needed a Christian Bail Bondsman and Steve was there for us”
jonathan Vaughn – ESO Corporation

“I needed a Christian when my son got arrested and happily we found Steve and Christian Bail Bonds. He prayed for us and made the process sos much easier. Thank You”
Don McNanus