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San Diego Jail

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The San Diego Central Jail houses all the newly arrested defendants and males in Central & Southern San Diego County.

San Diego Jail and the Vista Jail or Vista Detention Center accepts most of the newly arrested felons and those who commit misdemeanors. Some females are taken to the Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility in Santee, CA.

San Diego Jail Booking Process

The San Diego Booking Process is best described as slow and methodical.

If you are ever arrested for domestic violence, the jail is a difficult place to be once you’re arrested. It’s very dramatic, dirty and most defendants there are in some type of crisis.  Besides being scary, the San Diego Sheriff’s try to do the best job possible.  However, the San Diego County Jail is busy 24 hours a day and most of the newly arrested are drug addicts and/or repeat offenders.  Christian Bail Bonds in California is there to help you.  We have an office nearby at 701 B Street, Ste 370 San Diego 92101.

The defendant is fingerprinted and past criminal record is made known to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. All nationwide warrants are verified with the FBI. This process can take anywhere from 6-8 Hours.

The San Diego Jail or Vista jail will then release the defendant after a bail bond has been posted. The average turn-around time from arrest to release is 8-12 hours.

If the defendant is Booked & Released, they will have a new court date and must show up. They can check with the San Diego Public Defenders Office for more information. Christian Bail Bonds will help you though this process.

Only San Diego Jail Bail Bonds can see the defendant 24 hours a day. Any family member going to the San Diego Jail is wasting their time. Contact the San Diego Sheriff’s Department for jail procedures and policies.

The San Diego Jail & Vista Detention Center

Faith-Based Bail Bonds. We have a high standard of ethics. We deal with defendants from many diverse backgrounds and be fair with all customers and family members

We also service the womans’s jail in Santee.  The Las Colinas Detention Center is new and can house woman who’s been arrested in San Diego County.  Many Domestic Violence defendants are taken to this jail in Santee for procesing after their arrest.

We will help you through the San Diego Jail and Arrest Process and get you home safe and sound. Call us at 619-441-PRAY for a free quote.  We’re a Faith-Based Agency that helps individuals with addictions.

For San Diego Bail clients, we pray for you. We realize that you and your loved one needs to be treated with respect and many times they backslide and end up in the San Diego Jail or the Vista Detention Center.

We are so experienced and no how the San Diego District Attorney works. For most felonies like domestic violence, you will get a future court date around 7 days after you bail out.  Misdemeanors like DUI’s can have a future court date in about 1.5 months.  Once you are out on a bail bond, you will need to show up to all your court cases at the San Diego Superior Courts.  Call me any questions .

The Downtown San Diego County Jail

Vista Detention Center Bail Bonds

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