Three mexican men arrested in Tijuana for murder of San Diego teens

SAN DIEGO CA — Three Mexican men were arrested in Tijuana Mexico for the murder of three teens and two were from the San Diego.  area. There will be no bail bonds San Diego for them because they are facing murder charges. They will be transfered to the San Diego Jail.

The three Mexican suspects, identified only as Fabricio, Esteban Manuel and Alejandro were arrested at last week in Mexico after denying any involvement in the murders

In late November, 2018, 17-year-old Christopher Gomez and 18-year-old Juan Ojeda were found shot to death in Tijuana on November 25. Both innocent teenagers attended the O’Farrell Charter School in Encanto CA. It was unknown why they were in Mexico.

Another teen believed to be on of Ojeda’s friend was also killed.

Katheryn Garcia, who was Gomez’s cousin said, they were likely tortured in different locations before being killed execution-style in front of a public housing complex.

The FBI Investigators believe all three teenagers were taken from an apartment complex at gunpoint before being killed. It’s still unknown why the teens may have been targeted or way the criminals wanted they attention

According to recent reports, murders in Tijuana hit a record number in 2018 at more than 2,000.  This is why Christian Bail Bonds will not post a bail bond for these worthless Mexicans.  A San Diego jail bail bond is for criminals who have remorse and will show up for all their court hearings.

Motorcyclist killed by DUI Marine on News Years Eve morning.

(Bonsall, CA) – A motorcyclist was killed by a DUI Marine on SR-76 on New Year’s Day morning according to the CHP officials located in Oceanside, CA

California Highway Patrol said the head-on crash happened on SR-76 near Monserate at around 3:54 a.m. Tuesday morning

A 25-year-old Adam Daniel Barooshian, a Camp Pendleton Marine was driving drunk in a Lexus on the two-lane 76, when he struck Christopher Williams of Oceanside who was riding a motorcycle head on early in the morning. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist died at the scene.

The Marine had minor scratches and was arrested after the CHP determined from field sobriety tests that he was under the influence and too drunk to drive.  His San Diego Jail Bail Bond was set at $100,000 and he will most likely be charged with murder.

If he doesn’t post a bail bond at the San Diego Jail he’ll have his arraignment on January 3rd at 1:30 pm at the San Diego Superior Court downtown.  Because the DUI happened and a motorcyclist was killed and not injured, he’s looking at anywhere from 10- 20 years in state prison.

Christian Bail Bonds believes no one should get behind the wheel and drive. There has also been a claim that Adam Barooshian had a previous DUI conviction in 2018. Apparently the no tolerance rules by the USMC wasn’t applied.

Call Uber or Lyft. With all the penalties and lives being lost.

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