The Bible and Bail Bonds

The Bible and Bail Bonds

If you or a family member may be experiencing legal or arrest situations that are unnerving and overwhelming, then Christian Bail Bonds is for you. When you combine the bible and bail bonds you will help yourself spiritually and deepen your faith.

God and the bible

Chances are you are living with a family member who is always in trouble with the Orange County Sheriff or the San Diego Police Department or some other friend who is always getting booked into the local jail for drugs, robbery or theft. Maybe you have made some regretful decisions and are going through the criminal justice system now and they put out a San Diego warrant for your arrest.

Whatever the circumstances, you can be assured of some fundamental truths about how God and bail bonds will get you or your loved-one through the criminal process.

The Bible and the Criminal Justice System

Without any doubt, you can stand on the unshakable truth that the God of the Christian bible loves you. God is a God of love and grace and the caring love that he gives is unconditional. Even if you have been arrested several times, or have served years and years in the California Department of Corrections, you are never beyond the reach of God’s love.

Your situation may be difficult and uncertain.  You might be looking at serious jail time in the local jail or the state prison.  Not to worry. God and bail bonds will not leave you hanging.  You can walk in the assurance that the God of the bible’s love for you has not wavered and hasn’t diminished. He doesn’t love you less because you have committed several crimes like domestic violence or murder in the first degree. His love is immeasurable and unending and his love is not based on our behavior but on His character.

bible and bail bonds

Look at the story of the thief on the cross next to Jesus.  He must have committed a horrendous crime to be sentenced to death next to him. Never the less, Jesus said that he would be in paradise today with him because of his great faith. He is a God of love and that has not changed throughout the history of the bible and bail bonds. His love for you continues today no matter what type of trouble you are in or the felony or misdemeanor you have committed. God & Jesus loves criminals

God of the Bible never leaves you alone in Jail

There is not a place in the San Diego Jail or the Santa Ana intake and release center you can go to escape the God’s love.  This is why the bible is one of the most read books in the criminal justice system.  It gives peace and knowledge to those defendants while they’re awaiting trial or if they’ve already been sentenced.

No matter where you’re at spiritually in the bail bonds process, God is there waiting for you to turn to him. He promises His presence when skies are blue and when storms rumble through your life. Maybe you are in the middle of a storm right now. If you are, please know that you can turn to the God of the bible because He has promised His presence to everyone unconditionally.

You are not alone. You are never by yourself. You can find strength for the journey and peace in the upheaval by turning to God and Jesus who promises to walk with you through it all. Feeling alone while in an empty jail cell? Hear this truth, you are not alone. God will never leave you alone. Turn to Him and you will find Him.

God of the Bible Doesn’t Give up on YOU

One of the awesome habits of God is that He takes criminals whom everyone else has given up on and reshapes them while they are incarcerated. Regardless of the legal problems that you have come in to, God has not given up on you. God and Bail Bonds go together like a glove fits a hand.

the bible and bail bonds

Many of those arrested and stuck in the county jail think society has given up on them. However, you are wrong. He knows how to work in your life while going through the bail bond and arrest process.  He has the power and strength to get you back to where He wants you to be spiritually so that you can become everything He has created you to be. It’s difficult for many defendants but you must let Him do the hard work inside of you. Be very willing to turn your life and attention over to him.  God hasn’t given up on you. Maybe the judge or the District Attorneys office has.  However, don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on miracles he can do in you.

Defendants can always come back to God

God and the Bible will always bring you back too where he want you to be. You are not too far gone no matter how many times you have been arrested. You may have a journey to go through and can’t see the end of the road, but you can always come back to God at any time.  All it takes is making a step back to Him and read and pray though the bible to reach him. Just remember, wherever you find yourself in the criminal justice system, it’s never too late to come back to the Lord.

Christian Bail Bonds helps faith-based families and defendants through the arrest process.  They help you through the booking and release process at any jail in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County jails.  They help Christian families through the legal process and the criminal justice system. We can even refer them to Celebrate Recovery. They are domestic violence specialist and will take time to pray and get you in touch with God and Bail Bonds.

Call 619-441-PRAY or 714-630-PRAY

Chaplain Steve at Google Plus 

Jose Padron Killed By Hit-and-Run Suspect | San Diego Crime Blog

jose pardon killed by hit and run driver

Jose Padron Killed by Hit-and-Run Suspect

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Police are searching for a silver car connected to the hit-and-run death Paradise Hills that left Jose Padron dead on Thursday morning.

Jose Padron was killed around 7:30 a.m by the hit-and-run suspect on Albemarle Street and Seabreeze Drive in Paradise Hills according to San Diego Police.

The suspect is believed to be driving a 2004 silver 4-door Lexus ES 330 with black tinted windows.  The vehicle was traveling on the west side of the road when it struck two parked cars and then struck Jose Padron, the victim.

The San Diego Police said the vehicle’s left front driver’s side and windshield should be damaged.

The victim’s family spoke to the media and provided the photo of 49-year-old Jose Padron.  Padron’s brother said Jose Padron walked out of his house to his car to get an umbrella and was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Jose was standing in the street when the silver Lexus hit him. Witnesses said he was dragged 30-40 feet on top of the car’s windshield before he slid off down the road.

Neighborhood cameras caught the vehicle just after the hit-and-run accident occurred. The suspect’s vehicle then continued on Albemarle Street for a few feet, pulled over for a short time, and then drove away at a high speed.

Once the suspect is caught and arrested, they will be charged with Felony hit-and-run resulting in injury or death VC 20001(b) (2), according to the San Diego County bail bond schedule.

Christian Bail Bonds Can Help

They will then be taken to the San Diego Central Jail where they will go through the booking process.  His bail bond will be set at $100,000 according to the bail bond schedule.  However, he will most likely post a San Diego bail bond and his arraignment will be one week after he’s let out of the San Diego jail.

We at Christian bail bonds are very saddened by this tragic hit-and-run accident and the loose associated with it.  We are hoping a praying that Jose Padron was a Christian who believed in the Bible and other aspects of the Christian faith.

Our Christian prayers are being said for the Padron family and the large amount of grief that they’re going through.

San Diego Police are asking for everyone’s help in identifying the suspect.

Call Christian Bail Bonds at 619-441-PRAY

Call Chaplainsteve

San Diego Jail | Arrest and Inmate Information

The Best Bail Bonds in San Diego

San Diego Jail

San Diego Jail and Christian Bail Bonds is the Best bail bonds in San Diego.  Out of all the bail bondsman and bail agents near the San Diego Jail, we are the quickest, most honest and will usually drive the defendant home form the jail.

All Jails in San Diego County.

701 B St, Ste 370, San Diego, CA 92101


Steve Christian

Three Reasons to Post a Bail Bonds at the San Diego Jail

Bail Bonds San Diego

There are many advantages of a posting a bail bonds in San Diego Jail

#1 The San Diego Jail is Dirty

It’s most unfortunate but they never clean the jail and the inmates who do don’t clean it very well either. It’s very common to inmates who posted the bail bond to get sick a few days after they are released. It’s just plain dirty and unhealthy. Homeless defendants and other drug addicts make the jail their 24 hour home

#2 The San Diego Jail is Very Dangerous.

The San Diego jail is filled with drug addicts who are always arrested and they never learn their lessons. Many of them are poor and unbathed coming down off their latest high of heroin, meth or cocaine. Eighty percent of the women’s jail in Santee California is made up of repeat drug addicts. The San Diego jail is not a place to make new friends but it’s a place where you should post your bail bond right away. Defendants housed in the San Diego Jail and Vista Jail should use Christian bail bonds right away.

#3 To Get Back to your Job and Family.

Once someone is arrested and taken to the San Diego or the Vista jail, the turnaround time is 12 – 16 hours if they post bail. That’s a long time to be away from your family and most people need to get back to their job. The advantage of bailing out with Christian Bail Bonds is that you can get back to your family and job right away. Also, we will help you spiritually through the process and teach you also how the arraignment works in the San Diego Superior Court.

Call Christian Bail Bonds at 619-441-7729 for any questions

701 B St, #370 San Diego CA 92101

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San Diego Bail Bonds | What Happens When they Skip Bail?

If a defendant in San Diego fails to appear for their arraignment, or all the scheduled hearings including the preliminary hearing, trial or sentencing, their San Diego Bail Bonds is considered “skipped”.  In simple terms this means they have skipped out on their San Diego Bail Bonds and have failed to appear in the San Diego Superior Court.

This means that the defendant has given up their legal rights to stay out of the San Diego jail while their criminal case is going through the courts.   Statistics say that 1 out of 4 defendants skip on their bail.   There are many reasons for a defendant to skip out on bail.

First, they are afraid or don’t want to go back into jail.   The San Diego jail isn’t the best place to spend time.  It’s very dangerous, dirty, and not the best atmosphere to meet close friends.

Secondly, the defendant got the court date mixed up or they couldn’t make it for some other reason.

Thirdly, many defendants who have been arrested 10 to 20 times don’t care about being punished.  They are more upset at the San Diego criminal justice system then they are about doing the best thing for themselves.

Once a person has skipped the San Diego Bail Bonds, the San Diego Superior Court will revoke the original bail and issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

If the defendant fails to appear for the warrant case, the judge will become very angry.   The San Diego Superior Court Judge usually adds on an additional penalty to the penalty they would have received going through their criminal court case.

The San Diego Bail Bonds agent who originally bailed them out of the San Diego jail will attempt to locate the defendant.  San Diego bail bondsman will arrest him or her and take him back to the jail he was bailed out of.  This returns them to San Diego Police custody.

Once the fugitive is back in the San Diego County jail, the San Diego bail bonds is considered exonerated.  This means that the bail agent is no longer responsible for the full amount of the bail bond.

If for some reason the defendant cannot be re-arrested and returned to police custody within 6 months, the San Diego Bail Bonds agent must pay the San Diego Superior Court the full amount of the bail bond plus any additional costs.  The bail agent can then seek to recover any costs from the cosigner.

Christian Bail Bonds does San Diego Bail Bonds.  They offer 24 hour service and won’t mislead co-signers or defendants.  They will instruct you in the San Diego jail arrest and booking process and will help you spiritually and mentally.  Christian Bail Bonds in San Diego will always be there for Christian families and non-Christian individuals who’ve been arrested.

Written by Chaplain Steve

Christian Bail Bonds 701 B Street #370 San Diego, CA 92101 619-441-7729

San Diego Bail Bonds & Christian Bail Bonds

Christian Bail Bonds

christian bail bonds

Christian Bail Bonds is the best in San Diego Bail Bonds.

Call 619-441-PRAY for bail bonds at the San Diego Jail.

Honest, Christian and Ethical

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How to Get the Best Bail Bonds Deal

How to Get the Best Bail Bonds Deal

Best Bail Bonds Deal

Every defendant arrested wants the best bail bonds deal.  Who doesn’t?

Once someone is arrested and booked into the San Diego County Jail, they are able to make phone calls to their loved ones or a bail bondsman listed on the San Diego Jail wall. If a San Diego defendant is lucky and they’ve been accused of a minor crime or felony, they will be released on their own recognizance for free after an 8 hour booking process.

For those criminals accused of domestic violence or another bailable offense, they will need to contact a bail bondsman and negotiate a release.

Negotiating a bail bond can be tricky because the bail bond agents are noted for bait and switch marketing tricks. “We can get them out now” or ” Zero down and pay us later” are a few of the lies told to innocent co-signers or defendants calling from jail.

Most San Diego bail bonds are quoted at 8 or 10 percent of the face value.  For example, a $10,000 bail bond would cost a family $1000 or $800 to get out of the San Diego Jail cell.

Once the defendant shows up for all their court cases and they either plead guilty to a lesser charge or the charges are dropped, the bail bond is exonerated.  However, you still owe the bail bondsman the fee even though the defendant is not charged, or the case is dropped.  This can be a major problem because bail bondsman are very aggressive collectors and can get mean on the phone or in person.

So how do you get the best bail bonds deal?  Christian Bail Bonds in California and San Diego has found the answer.  By not getting in trouble or arrested, you will always get the best bail bonds deal.  Not only will you save money, you’ll save your job and family from lots of stress and anxiety.

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San Diego Jails – Christian Bail Bonds

San Diego Jails 619-441-Pray

For Christian Bail Bonds in San Diego

Get Free Arrest Information at the San Diego Jails

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A Christian Bail Bondsman is Better

A christian bail bondsman

A Christian Bail Bondsman is Better than the Rest

A Christian Bail Bondsman is better because when you’ re in trouble and getting arrested, you want the best bail bondsman in San Diego. Christian Bail Bonds is a very unique ministry.

We’re Christians who care about your situation. Every other bail bondsman in San Diego only cares about money. We make professional referrals and actually pray for your criminal situation.

You need the Help of God when you or your loved once is arrested.

Call Christian Bail Bonds at 800-539-6143【送料無料(北海道・沖縄は除く)】【ファイテン PHITEN】 ファイテン ソラーチ BE636SOLARCH フットマッサージ器.
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Chaplain Steve
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