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Christian Bail Bonds is the best faith-based business in Southern California. 

What sets our Christian Bail Service apart from other San Diego and Orange County bail agencies is the professional service and spiritual help you will receive. Many Christian defendants recently arrested need faith-based help through their entire criminal case.

We can help you and your loved-ones through the San Diego Jail and Vista Detention Center arrest process.  Christian bail bonds believes in the bible and connected with Celebrate Recovery over the entire state of California

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During the bail bonds process, we believe you’re innocent until proven guilty.  Our agents believe in a professional upscale service to all defendants whether they are white, black, Hispanic, or gay.  We will never discriminate based on race or no religion. Most of our bail bond service is at the San Diego Jail, the Vista Detention Center and the Santa Ana Orange County Intake Center.

  • We have bail bond agents near every jail in California.
  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,
  • Fast, Friendly, Knowledgeable

When you need a Christian bail bondsman or have any questions, please call us. We’re the best Bail Bonds around and have thousands of referrals from satisfied inmates and those arrested.  christian bail bonds praying hand s bible

We will take you through the bail bonds process and help post your bail bond quickly in San Diego Jail or at the Orange County Intake Center in Santa Ana, CA.

At Christian Bail Bonds, we start working on your case immediately.  Our owner believes in the bible and knows how the criminal justice system works in San Diego.  We have contacts to several criminal defense attorneys and know exactly how the San Diego District Attorney’s Offices work in the San Diego Superior Court system. . We also specialize in domestic violence criminal cases and can advise you on the best way the case will turn out.

Bail by Phone, Email, Fax.  Call Christian Bail Bonds for a free quote.

Working in the San Diego Central Jail and the Santa Ana Jail writing bail bonds is a unique ministry helping Christians and their Families through the arrest process. We have bailed out and helped thousands of clients over the years.

Getting a Christian Bail Bondsmen who believes in the bible is the best thing an defendant can do. Our agents can refer you to Celebrate Recovery or refer you to other addiction recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.   We can help you through the bail bonds process and pray for your case.  Our bail bonds firm takes each case seriously and our christian agents are confidential and fast.

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* Christian-Based Bail Bonds is the Internet division of  Encinitas Bail Bonds located in Encinitas, CA. The name “Christian Bail Bonds” or “The Christian Bail Bondsman is not a separate dba or meant to be misleading in anyway.  We help Christians and their families. 

www.christian-bail-bonds.com is the Internet Marketing division of Encinitas Bail Bonds BA 1C86092

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